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Premium mouthpieces made of wood for brass instruments

PREMIUM wooden mouthpieces from NATURINSTRUMENTE Heimatklang

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PREMIUM Wooden Mouthpieces by NATURINSTRUMENTE Heimatklang

The best connection between instrument and wind player!

Experience the difference - Feel the difference 

We are the first manufacturer in the world to produce detailed wooden mouthpieces for brass instruments.


We recreate an excerpt of the most popular sizes for the most common instruments with a great deal of technical effort.

For detailed production, we first create plaster casts of the respective mouthpieces. The impressions are then converted into a 3-D program, ultimately giving us an exact representation of the parts to be produced.

Specially manufactured drilling and milling tools then enable us to achieve perfect implementation.

Our wooden mouthpieces are particularly beneficial outdoors and in the cold season; temperature problems are a thing of the past.

The main advantages of our premium wooden mouthpieces:ind:

  • extra light and pleasant feeling at the base

  • very warm and pleasant tone in contrast to the steel mouthpiece

  • The mouthpiece makes the instrument very easy to respond to

  • no temperature problems between summer and winter

  • No allergies or skin rashes thanks to the natural material wood

  • Painted with saliva-proof paint, suitable for children's toys!

  • highly resistant, washable and the inside of the shaft can be re-oiled at any time

  • best references worldwide - see guestbook entries



The tonal character of wooden mouthpieces is softer than that of metal mouthpieces, but varies depending on the type of wood.

We use the following types of wood for our premium mouthpieces:​

  • Wooden mouthpieces made from maple wood, light hardwood from Austria

  • Wooden mouthpieces made of pear wood, reddish - brownish hardwood from Austria

  • Wooden mouthpieces made of walnut, brown to dark brown hardwood from Austria

  • Wooden mouthpieces from Bocote, brownish hardwood from Mexico, very resistant and very expensive type of wood to procure

  • Wooden mouthpieces made from ebony, black hardwood from Africa, extremely durable and extremely expensive to source. Ebony is one of the most expensive types of wood in the world. The price of ebony in the production year 2024 is around EUR 35,000.00 per cubic meter!


The exact descriptions of the individual woods can be found in the menu item “Types of wood”.

Cup diameters, cup depths as well as bores and other details of the mouthpieces can be found below in the shop.

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