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OurQuality promise


"The most important thing for the final product is the perfect raw material. 

Therefore only really perfect wood is used for our alphorns

from Austria in question!"


All alphorns from Heimatklang are produced exclusively in Austria, and we only use dried quality wood from Austria. We supply music retailers worldwide, so you can be sure that you are getting the best instrument at a fair price and with consistent quality. Replacement parts and accessories are available for years to come.


Quality is not a matter of chance, which is why we attach great importance to the materials and workmanship of our alphorns. Compare cheap offers with our horns, the very complex surface treatment and the gold anodized connection sockets are only available from Heimatklang.

The effort is the result of very high quality products, of course in conjunction with constant quality control before delivery. We do not use any wood that has branches or rinds; we only use first-class raw materials. Even here, we remove parts that have already been milled so that we only use the highest quality components when assembling the horns.


Of course, it is necessary for us to mill and turn the individual parts evenly in order to achieve the same wall thickness throughout, as this is crucial for the playing behavior of the horn.


"Naturally renewable resource"

100% Made in Austria!

3 year guarantee on materials and workmanship.
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