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Oil your alphorns regularly!


By regularly oiling the inside of your alphorn, you can significantly extend the freshness of the piping.

Our care oil also has the pleasant smell of the pine!


  • Made on the basis of renewable raw materials and with pure pine oil
  • preserves the natural properties of softwoods
  • penetrates the wood very well
  • runs itself during processing when you turn the pipes
  • Can be processed with long, narrow paint brushes
  • Wipe off any drops with a cotton cloth
  • very good water resistance
  • sweat and saliva resistant
  • also suitable for toys
  • antistatic
  • hardens itself within a few hours
  • Quantity is enough for one-time oiling

Processing instructions: 

Pour oil into the almost horizontal pipes, turn the pipes again and again, the oil flows very well and penetrates into the wood.

Repeat the turning process for 10 - 15 minutes until the excess oil has completely penetrated.

Wipe and clean the sockets and the inside of the cup with a cloth.

Attention: The oil hardens in air within 30 minutes.

Care oil for a long service life

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