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Alphorn rental and rental purchase

We rent an alphorn for just 99.00 euros per month. 

This method is particularly suitable for beginners where you may not want to make a purchase decision yet.


The rental fee for one month of EUR 99.00 as well as the costs for packaging and shipping of EUR 59.00 must be paid in advance.

If you would like to buy the alphorn during the rental phase, the previous rental fees will be credited/credited to the purchase price.


The rental fee for the “Top Class Model” is EUR 149 per month.


We need a photo ID, proof of residence (registration form) and the setup of a SEPA direct debit mandate from your bank.

Possible shipping costs back to us are to be borne by the sender.


Please note that we offer this service INTEREST FREE!

No rental or rental for business customers and dealers!


The general terms and conditions of Naturinstrumente Heimatklang apply.

Alphorn rental and rental purchase

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