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We produce the “top class” Alphorn model with the finest selected spruce wood for musicians who are looking for something very special.


Thanks to the large scale length and the wide cup shape, we are able to achieve a full, warm and very sonorous tone with an extremely easy response.

A guarantee for this is, among other things, the consistent wall thickness of 8.5 millimeters. 

Competitors will look in vain for the highest quality materials such as the gold anodized connecting sockets, these are STANDARD in our models! 

This alphorn belongs to the absolute top class of alphorns.

Some prototypes were in the production phase for several weeks with very critical testers at home and neighboring countries.
The very clear result to determine the quality of the Alphorn,
Compared to other top horns, it was clearly in our favor for the five most important factors.

Were tested:
+ the ease of speech
+ the intonation within itself
+ the workmanship compared to very expensive top horns from competitors
+ the tone volume and sound of the alphorn
+ the “slight jumping in of the tones” during the course of the game

Tests were carried out in various areas such as churches, halls, halls and outdoors - by both women and men.
The testers included very experienced alphorn players, including members of the Swiss alphorn associations. They are particularly critical of “alpine horns from abroad”.

Please note our references.


Features and features:

  • 3-piece alphorn made of spruce wood in tune f
  • consisting of hand tube, middle tube and cup tube with decorative ring made of walnut wood, cup base made of maple (hardwood), wrapped and varnished
  • Alphorn - inside oiled several times
  • tuned to 442 Hz - orchestral tuning, thus allowing the best possible adaptation to other instruments when playing together.
  • Specially wide cup structure and wide scale length, resulting in an extremely easy response and a full, extremely warm and sonorous tone
  • Plug connections made of gold anodized aluminum, resulting in high surface quality and very high accuracy of fit even after years without air loss, including sealing rings
  • High-quality and stable cup ring with 255 mm made of solid walnut wood
  • Continuous and consistent wall thickness of 8.5 mm
  • very secure intonation and coherent, "the tones jump in as if by themselves"
  • Mouthpiece and alphorn bag not included
  • made in Austria with Austrian woods 
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • new and in original packaging


The following tunings are available:

  • Mood Es, 4 pieces, total length 403 cm (on order)
  • Mood f, 3 parts, total length 363 cm
  • Tuning f sharp/ges, 3 parts, total length 343 cm
  • Mood g, 3 - parts, total length 323 cm (on order)
  • Mood as, 3 - parts, total length 303 cm (on order)
  • Tuning Bb, 3 parts, total length 273 cm


Optionally, alphorns can also be delivered with a special painting; please ask for prices.

Alphorn model "top class" - high end, tuning f

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