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The alphorn made of pine wood gives off the unmistakable smell of pine wood. Connoisseurs even say that pine wood contains active ingredients that have a health-promoting effect.

In Switzerland this type of wood is also called pine.


In Europe, America and Asia, the tuning of F is primarily played; in Switzerland, the alphorn is most often used in the tuning of F sharp/gb.

Features and features:

  • 3-piece alphorn made of pine wood in tuning Bb
  • consisting of hand tube, middle tube and cup tube, cup base made of maple (hardwood)
  • painted several times in natural color, without wrapping
  • Inside untreated to reveal the smell of the pine
  • Plug connections made of aluminum - gold anodized with sealing rings, therefore highly abrasion resistant, very high accuracy of fit even after years without air loss
  • High-quality and stable cup ring with 215 mm made of solid cherry wood
  • Continuous and consistent 7 mm wall thickness
  • tuned to 440 Hz (442 Hz possible)
  • very secure intonation and coherent
  • Extremely easy response thanks to the special cup structure and wall thickness
  • Mouthpiece and alphorn bag not included
  • Weight 2.2kg
  • made in Austria with Austrian woods 
  • new and in original packaging


The following tunings are available:

  • Mood Es, 4 pieces, total length 403 cm
  • Mood f, 3 parts, total length 363 cm
  • Tuning f sharp/ges, 3 parts, total length 343 cm
  • Mood g, 3 parts, total length 323 cm
  • Mood as, 3 - parts, total length 303 cm
  • Tuning Bb, 3 parts, total length 273 cm


Optionally, unpainted alphorns or alphorns with special painting can also be delivered; please ask for prices.

Alphorn "Zirbenholz Exklusiv" tuning Bb, natural lacquered

SKU: 714024
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